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Happy 19th Birthday Sis Nazra :)
Saturday, February 18, 2012 | 8:17 AM | 0 comments

NurHidayatulNazra <3
hey bloggers! 

can you see that cutie girl? yeahhh. i know shes cute right? hihi. shes my sis. Nazra was the name given. today is her 19th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUTIE SIS :) May Allah bless you and always brighten your days. sorry for not being the second person to wish. and sorry again for not be able to give you anything for this year as we're to far away. hope that you'll keep the neckless i gave you last year. last but not least I LOVE YOU CUTIE :)
My New Born Baby :)
Thursday, February 9, 2012 | 5:05 AM | 0 comments
hey bloggers!

here we go. today i met HIM again for the 'last' time before he goes to KL. thought yesterday was the last day but as i had an interview , i spent my time to meet him after the interview. i sneaked into his karoke box without telling him. at that time he and nazmi was singing. after 2 hours in the blimin' karoke box, we went to just to met nazmi's girlfriend. but me and HIM didnt follow nazmi. we went up stairs to buy THIS.

Thanks for the 'teddy' dear :)

i wanted for 'this' ages ago. and today was the day i got this thingyyyy. weeee. :D eventhough its just a lil one , but i really appreciate your gift dear. btw, his was given a name by me and HIM as 'BOBBY'. from the combination of 'boncit' and 'tobby'. thanks a lot for treating me right dear. i really enjoyed the day eventhough we didnt do much that day. 


Last day with HIM :(
Wednesday, February 8, 2012 | 7:47 AM | 0 comments
hey bloggers!

long time no see aite? haha. i've no mood lately to update these thingy act. today i met my Mr.Right before he leave me alone at jb. :( first, we went karoke at Umall for two hours. he shouted his heads off till i cant stand it and my migrain came. haha. after that we went to city square. we went in PDI to buy a couple shirt. after an hour there, we choose this.

he bought the exact shirt as me. can't wait to wear them together :)

after the shoppings, we went up to level 5 to buy a movie ticket and we watched this 

good that the tickets were cheap on wednesday because seriusly i say that this movie is damn damn BORINGGG. i dont understand a thing bout this movie. dunno if its just me or its really a boringg movie. but i thought the cinema was only filled with 1/4 of it. till people who didnt buy a couple seat changed to the couple seat. can you imagine how much was actually in that wide cinema? haha. here are some of the photos i took with him.

then he offered me to eat but i didnt want to come home late so we took a bus home. what an enjoyable day i had. thanks for everything dear. :)


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