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Besties Reunion
Saturday, July 30, 2011 | 10:05 PM | 0 comments
here are some of my old friends that made my days at SMKTUN before. but i didn't get a chance to join the happiness. coz they thought I was still at my hostel but act i was at home already, but I didn't blame on them for not asking me out. bcoz I didn't tell them that i brought my fone. but i was act a lil bit confused with afiey for not telling THEM that I misscalled her at that night (thursday night). i'm just a lil bit confused for that. but not that much. it's okay darl. i've forgive youuu. it's all my fault. No matter what happens, i still LOVE you guys. IMY friends . YES I DO. :(

this is for youu guys :)


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