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My Life Story

Saturday, February 5, 2011 | 8:42 AM | 0 comments
hey hey bloggers! Whats the date today? WHAT? 5th of what? parden me? wow! its nearly ONE year i've not met my two lesbo which is 

AFIEY and SUFIAH. hehe. mish them damn much. <3 <3

TODAY i went out with them and shima. we hanged at CITY SQUARE like usual. 

i went there by a car. my cousin picked me up at home. i went with asma. let me indroduce her. :)

there she is. she's cute rite? well. look at her cousin laa. HAHA

not her act that drove the car, but her brother. i haven't got his picture.

haa, carry on with the story, i arrived there at about 11:30 pm. i hanged around with asma first while waitingg for my friends to come. we went to the blabla shop to by some "sepit" and asma bought a "gelang" which she's wearing on the photo above. nice ryte? hee :D then  atfer that asma met a friend of hers at the reject shop. she met just for a minute. coz her friend wanted to go for a job. then i bought mc.flurry juz becoz wanted to ave a seat at mc.d HAHA lets ave a look. 

her i am. at the mc.d waitting for them to come. till my stomach was achingg

at around 1.30 shima arrived and as usual we take a pict first before going anywhere. :) it seems like i'm taller than her. wah. thats great. i like i like! HAHA. wekwek :P
as i was window shopping with shima, i cought a fone call from sufiah, telling me that she'd arrived. s0o, i met her at the foodcourt

we hanged there for a while. i didn't eat anything. juz bought some drinks. coz i was not in a mood at that time. but afiey n sufiah a "bekalan dunia akhirat" haha. not really. her dad bought it for her sis then "alangalang" he brought it for them too. then at around 3:30 pm faiz messaged me saying that he'd arrived. s0o i left them for a while and met him.

taking some pictures are a must for girls. ryte? haha. 

after that, we went to the games to "kaoke". wahhh! i like!

i didn't sing a lot. coz i was muddled up at that time. s0o, i just sat there and hear them sang. haha. wat a long time i've not heard them singing. HAHA. while i was enjoying myself with my friends in the kaoke, i gave 4 cupons to faiz to let him play any game s0o that his not bored waitting for us. haha. poor u, i didn't "layan" u a lot coz my friends was with me. sorry yaw. at around 6:00 pm shima wanted to go home, s0o i acompany her to the bus. then after a few minutes, the kaoke finished. then we went to the foodcourt again to eat. 

 i ate sizzling hotplate, afiey n sufiah ate mee tomyam and faiz ate nasi daging merah. ada orgg tuh tak tahan pedas taw. tak jantan betoii. HAHA. at around 7:00pm my sis fetched me there.

P/S: 1.i really enjoyed the day. thnx to them for taking a bit of ur time to meet me. 
       2. Sorry to faiz coz didn't give much attention to u. 


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