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My Life Story

29 January 2011
Wednesday, February 2, 2011 | 10:07 AM | 0 comments

I just had a great day with my hostelmates. at the first time i didn't plan to go. but bcoz juwa n daya ajak, s0o i just followed the plan. they planed to hang at CITY SQUARE . at about 2:45 i reached cs. daya n eyka was babbling lyke hell! bcoz they already bought tickets for the movie which is

the movie was quite boringg. it just makes people shocked lyke shit! not scary at all. i was like screaming like shit in there(nganjeng lobeyh). after that, we went for a lunch at FOODCOURT.

after filling our hungry stomach, we went to the BANK to acompany juwa to get some money. but fortunally her money can't get out in these few mounth. HAHA. poor her.

before going to DANGA BAY.

then went to SUARA.OK and shouted our heads of!

rawkk ryte? i was about to loose my voice singing those songs, HAHA. but itwas great! i really enoyed it. at around 8 my sys called and ask me to take a bus to skudai then she'll pick me there. s0o i left the kaoke box n took a bus to SKUDAI PARADE.

wah wah . i saw HIM working. but i didn't have a chance to meet him. just sneaked him from far. :(

nvm. but wat it is, i really enoyed the day. that was the first time i went out with them. hope we can go out again. ILY friends. :)

people in the pictures: Yona, Juwa, Eyka, Shasha, Daya and me :D

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