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26 December 2010 Family Day Yayasan Dol
Friday, February 4, 2011 | 11:54 AM | 0 comments

Hey bloggies. ! in this school holidays my family didn't have a plan to anywhere. bcoz of not enough badget. it's like damn bored staying home doing the same thingg everyday. but luckily my moms families has a yayasan. and every year they will do a family day. this year our family day was hold at Hutan Lipur Gunung Ledangg. here are some stories about the activities we did there.

as we arrived there, got the bags in the chalet, then quickly rushed to the river to watch the kids swimming there. it's not that big. coz the place we went was not the actual place to swim. it's juz a Taman Negara. i joined them t0o, but juz "celup celup kaki saje" HAHA. i was not in a m0od at that tyme. thats y. juz snap some pictures there,

after the "celup celup" session. i changed my clothes. getting ready for the activities.

as usual, take pictures first before the activities stars. hee :D
the first game was for the kids. i fogot the name of the game but it was played like this.

ceyhh nabel. cover cover :)

we're the refree for this game :)

here are the activities:

anaku sayang for the kids between 4-6
Siapa Putera/Puteri Kataku for the teenagers

Dimanakah temanku

Dimanakah harta karunnye for the kids between 7-12
Kutip Gule Gule for the kids between 1-3

Dimanakah Sayangku for the adults

after the tiredness we all went back to our own chalets. around 5 pm my mom asked me to go to the waterfall, s0o i went with her n my aunties.

ouh. i'm tired of typingg. wat if u guys just enjoy with these pictures. okayh?

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