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New friends
Saturday, September 4, 2010 | 2:14 AM | 0 comments
Dear bloggie, its like ages ryte i've not written anything on u.? sorry yaw! i'm damn A-W-A-Y from internet coz i'm now staying in hostel which has no internet there. i'm like damn missin' to write on u. i'm pretty2 sorry bloggei, i'm quite busy lately, busy wif school, homeworks, nect. i sometimes do wanna write sumthin' here, but its just i've not enough time to do it.
its seems a long time we didn't meet ryte?

i've now move to a new school which is at Technic Commerce School. and i'm staying at hostel. there i found many new friends from many cou
nties. many types of attitudes they show. but for me, i only found two girlie that can get into me. which is.

the girl in pink n black was given a name as NUR ASYIKIN MD KHALID and the girl in borwn is WIRDATUL ARINA ABDUL HALIM. for me, u two are s0o great enough for me :) thnx for always being there for me. eventhough we're from the different courses but we always together. i love to be around with them. coz their sporting, kind, caringg and a very happy go lucky kinda gurl that understand me and can get in wif me. :) let me tell u guys a lil bit bout their characters.


1.She's a very softy kinda gurl. that can't be rough with her.
2.she has a very thinny body shape and a long leg. HAHA. she's not that tall but a lil bit taller that me.
3.she's caringg n kind but easily get anoyed .
4.she has a very white coloured and cute face.
5.she's has a own attitude.


1.She's Funny
2.easy going kinda gurl.
4.she's a lil bit rough. *she doesn't like to see me wearing feminen clothes.dunno y
5.she's childesh. :)

*sorry if wat i say touched ur feelings. i'm just saying wat i feel about u. :)
frens forever ya babes! ilydm!

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