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My lovely fone
Monday, September 6, 2010 | 12:24 AM | 0 comments
look at this above fone. nice ryte? huh. let me story to u guys about this fone, it's quite sad act. the story starts like this, i used to ave a fone lyke this, but then, i now stayed at hostel, so0, i gave it to my sis to take care of it while i'm staying there. but then last week when i came home coz of my illness, i asked her, "where's my fone?" then with a smile on her face, she said " i don't now, it was lost two days ago, but wat i remembe is i put at the usual place i always put, but then when the day u called me, i checked there, and it wasn't there, and i've looked for it everywhere, but i didn't find it." perghh! at that tyme i was like gonna kill her. haha. not really. but i didn't act care much at that tyme and i gave her a chance to look for it before i came back for the eid holidays. but then on when she picked my up at the ostel, i asked her once again, then she said the same thinggg. at that tyme, i couldn't take it anymore. i was like goin' to vry.

uda!!!! i want my fone backkkkkkkkkkkkk!

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