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new school?
Thursday, January 28, 2010 | 11:37 PM | 0 comments

After today's school, i got off my scarf n rushed to the toilet bcoz of the emergency pee. haha. *fuhh.! wat a release. :P then as usual, i'll always make my head ache facing the computer for 24 hours yaa. who ever has my myspace, they olredy noe the creepy me :) haha *hantu pc. suddenly, i heard someone's voice shouting my name out the house, "kakcik! kemas barang kao skang!" while stepping inside my house . then i shouted back "huh? asl lakk?" then he smiled and said, "tawaran kemasukan ke sekolah bla bla bla"
. *i can't tell u which school i'm moving, sorry. wekwek! :P i was lyke "yeje abg." *cam ta caye jea. then abg siad "btoi lah, ta cayer, tgok neyh." i quickly snatched the letter from him and smiled. *eppy gyleee. hee :). can't wait to move to my new school. i'll bet it will be fun. hopefully i'll get a new friend that sama pale nan aku. haha. :P after all the happiness, i ran upstairs and called zira to ask her whether she got it or not. but she said she didn't get the letter yet. hurm. maybe this monday. hopefully she'll get it . AMIN! *pray for her guys. i really really want her to go with me too. coz she applied the same course as me. n maybe we'll be in the same class again. *if she gets it lahh. :)

bye bye Sekolah Menengah Taman Universiti! hahaha. :))


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