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how dare u guys!
Saturday, January 16, 2010 | 1:36 AM | 2 comments


Serius i'm damn jelous with my friends. you wanna know y? haa. yesterday my friends asked me out. but i said i'm lazy to go. s0o, i decided not to follow them. but just then, faten message me, she said that all my friends went out. perghh! i was like. " huh? really? shit!" i wanna join too. i wanna meet them! i miss them s0o much. arghhh. ! but its already late now for me to reach there. y didn't u tell me from the first place.? u silly! i wanna meet u guys. :( i was like gonna cry after she said they watched Adnan Sempit! uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. how dare u guys watched it without me. i really wanted to watch that damn movie u noe?! :( huh! wat can i do. it is all past. haaa. after that. i received another message from my other friend named NaQiu. he also watched the same movie! oh shit! why do they ave to watch the movie that i waited ages ago for it to be shown without me? urghhhh. nvm. redhaa jea laa.


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