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wats wrong wif me?
Thursday, December 24, 2009 | 8:32 AM | 0 comments
In these few weeks, i juz feel lyke admiringg someone. haha. his kinda sportingg, funny, chatterbox, n many things i lyke about him. i juz feel lyke wanna get into him. but i'm gurl, i can't do anythingg. i juz afford to wait for him. but i don't think i'll get a respond from him, coz he's kinda don't lyke me anymore. i dunno y i feel lyke that. maybe the way he treat me . :( series i say, i miss u damn much boi, i wanna meet u. :( i wanna meet u , n i want just us two to be there, i don't want anyone else to be with us. hehe . geligeli jea eira neyh. hurm. wat do i care. hey boii, i lyke u lahh. i think i lyke u more than anythingg. haha =.= FULLSTOP


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