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My Life Story

Tuesday, December 8, 2009 | 7:51 AM | 0 comments
Last thursday, i went for vacation with my sys. before the day for the vacation, my mom sent me n my sys to my cousins house, coz we wanna get off early in the morning. (cewah! mcom na naek aeroplane lakk) haha. i act went with a trip. my aunty's sk0ol had a trip to cameron. but its not a children's trip, but its a trip for the teacher's family. me n my sys juz 'meyemak je mahu join' haha. eleyy. makteh was the one who asked me to join the trip. lyke people say 'rezeki jangan ditolak' hehe. :) makteh said that the bus fee was free coz the sk0ol support it, s0o, we juz ave to pay for the appartment which is RM85 per nite. and we were given RM45 for the duit makan. at the first place, my mom wanted to join it too, but then my dad said 'takpayahlahh, bia aje budakbudak neyh yang pegi' ceyhh. if u're jelous just say it lahh abah. ngee. :D my mom with a sorrow on her face just bare to say 'yelahh. kowang pegi je lahh bertiga, abah kamu neyh ta bagi pulakk ibu pegi :('. poor mom. but bagus gak ibu didn't go, coz we can enjoy enjoy together, laugh laugh together, sisters only. wahhh. best wokk! hehe.

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