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My Life Story

Monday, December 28, 2009 | 10:18 PM | 0 comments

I juz wanna share wif u guys about me n my twin kazen. twins? haha. not really act, its juz because we're closed, i treat him lyke my own brother. hoyeahhh. :) Act, i'm juz a day younger than him, he was born on the 20th September 1994 n i was on th 21st September. c0ol ryte? his mom went home, my mom went to the hospital. haha. we were very close since we were a child. we used to play hide n seek together, masakmasak, pondokpondok, n ect. we're always together each tyme we met. hee :) we are very notty u noe. n the one who always get told of by our granpa because being to ngarok (ayat owg kampong). haha. in these few days, i dunno y we kept on wearing the same colours of clothes. it was all done without intention. its juz an incident. :) here are some of our picture together. :DD btw, ily irfan. u rawkkk my life. hoyeahh. :P

black and green

we rawkkkk! hoyeahh. :D

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