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Siti Aisyah bt Abu Bakar Fadzil a.ka Afiey
Tuesday, December 29, 2009 | 9:54 AM | 0 comments

she's one of my bestie! people call her as Afiey.
she's a pengkid. from the physical l0oks of her,
she's kinda rawkk, fierce,
but her insides only me, her GF n Allah S.W.T noes it.
i miss u lahh beb! i reallyreally miss u ! n i mean it.
i wanna meet u lahh.
i noe the school tyme is juz around the corner, but i really wanna meet u.
dunno y, i juz want us to be lyke before. always together.
when i asked u to come to my house,
in juz about 1 hours later u'll already be at my house.
i miss dat tyme beb! i dun wanna get in to u or anything lyke ur GF thought i
wanna do. thats all a nonsense!
i don't ave tyme to take u away from her lahh.
i respect ur relationship even though i noe it'll not go far. haha!
ops! soee. i didn't mean anything dear. i'm juz saying the fact! :)

i miss the tyme we always go out together,
go to kaoke n shout our heads of.
hoyeahhh! i really miss to kaoke wif u dear. :(
i wanna shoutshout wif u.
even though i noe my voice is damndamn horrible. haha. lyke i care.
meeting u at school is not the same lahh.
n i hope we'll be in the same class.
insyAllah. but maybe in the middle of the term,
i'll be moving to another school.
coz i already applied Teknik Perdagangan Johor Bahru.
so, if i got the chance,i'll maybe move there. n will stay hostel.
i'll be sure i'll miss u a lot.
nvm, if its outting tyme, i'll contact u keyh. n then we'll meet. hee :D
i feel g0od after writting all this, it released a bit of my tension.
haha. thats all i wanna say. tata guys! ily,imy afiey!


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