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hari keluarga Yayasan Dol
Tuesday, December 8, 2009 | 2:42 AM | 0 comments
The day after the 'raye korban' my mum's family had a family day. it was damn fun! lots of games we played, such as belon acah, permainan dadu, campak belon dalam net (mcom dalam bambamb0om tuh laa) and lots more. haha. oke. let me tell u wat we got along the day.

8:00pm: chiken dancing. :)

the leader (alif)

i'm not in this pic. :)

9:00 : game for the children. age below 4 years old.

eating chupachops.
nabil was the winner. 2d hafifi 3rd nail(awey) 4th mashitah . :)

while waitting for the kids to finish the sweets. we played t
he game for the 5-12 ages.
the game was to play the holahoops. who played the longest win.
this are the name who joined the game. aiman, amir
in, akmal,azim and last but not least asyifah, the one and only gurl.

azim won the game with 1minutes n 45second.

after that, another game for kids below 4 years old.

i guess u guys will be asking urself y they not wearing their clothes ryte?
haha. the game goes lyke this, wat they ave to do is wear their own clothes by them self without any mistake. the person who fasten three of their button properly n the quickes to be finish, will win the game. (i was one of the referee).

the winner of this game was hafifi hakimi.
(the boy that i used to play with when he was a baby)

: lompat dalam guni started.

the game started wif the boys first.
here is the picture of them before the game started.
ehsan, ramadhan, irfan n alif went to the final. haha
next was the girls part. hoyeahh. i was the first person to reach the finish line. :)
s0o, me, asma, and maisarah got to the final t0o. :DD

u ave to throw the balloon into the basket. damn hard u noe.

me.sara.yana.haikal.sya. :)

1,2,3 snap! haha. he's trying to chase me.wekwek. c(=
its damn tired playing this game. i juz feel lyke gonna faint. but i'm still strong enough. :D

arghhh! i dun
no y i'm not in a m0od to write anymore. k. i think thats all i can say. the family day was damn fun u noe. :)

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