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Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha
Thursday, November 26, 2009 | 4:39 AM | 0 comments
On 26 November 2009 is the muslims festival day. Malaysian people call it as 'Aidil Adha'. All muslims will be busy preparing things for the eid. Usually before the eid day comes, many people will go for thier hadji. As a muslim, we must do our hadji as we afford to do it. We also can do the 'korban thingi mijit' . My mum's family did the 'korban thingi' . here are some of the picture that my lil bro ave taken for me.

the cow the day before the 'korban day'
they're holding they cow so it did'nt move around.the cow after it got 'sembelih'trying to cut the head off fully.
they 'kangkang' the cow so its easier to peel the skins off.peeling off the skin.cutting the meat in pieces.weighting the meat in 1kg to give it out to people.

it was damn scary u noe. i cant bare to l0ok at it closely, coz i was afraid that i'll faint there. haha. i can't l0ok at bl0od act. dunno y. but it was quite fun. :)

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