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My Life Story

Pity her
Tuesday, August 25, 2009 | 5:51 AM | 0 comments
This story is about a gurl dat i reallyreally noe. dat got raped by her one brother. how cruel is her brother till he 'sanggup' raped his own sister. such a dumbo!

What do u guys think about a gurl being
raped by her own brother? really stupid ryte? i don't get it. y do they do dat kinda things to their own sista? have they not have any sympathy? simply you can tell that they don't love their sista at all. but wat makes things weird is they can still get along as if nothing actually happens. y didn't da victim tell her parents? mybe she's scared, don't want to lose her brother, or maybe. she loved her family and don't want it to come apart because of this problem. or maybe. she don't want to ruin her brother's future coz if she tells on him he'll probably get kick out from the house. don't she realize dat HER future is ruined by her brother but y does she still want her brother's future not to be ruined by his own doings? i read the newspaper and there was so many case lyke diz. and some of them even got pregnant. i wonder who is willing to be responsible for all of that. if i could kill all the boys who did all these kinda of thing,the world would be more peaceful. poor gurl. i could imagine how the gurl would feel. her eyes would be swollen. she would cry every nyte even whiles she sleeps. she won't have any sweet dreams just nytemares. she would be easy to get 'terkejut' when being touched coz phobia of this thing. she will laugh even when things r not funny to hide her sorrow. she lykes to talk to herself to calm her self down when flashbacks come to her. her study will get disturbed coz she kept thinking how her future hubby is going to accept the fact. she will keep asking herself how could she create a time machine to turn back time. when people talks about all this things,it will be really easy for her to cry. she would try her hardest to hide the secrets from her family and friends..and when people ask,"are you okey?"she would always reply. "yeah. i'm olryte". just you imagine how does she keeps on living like this. if you have the power to change things, what would you do??i can't think of anything that i can do. i've thought bout it a lot of tyme. i don't noe y. i just feel sympathy to the victims. i advise to all the boys out there who have a sista, don't ever you do this kinda things. you would regret it. honestly i tell you. plezz pity ur sista. give them the love their deserve. don't try to riun their life. it's a real pain to go through life if u r the victim of rape.

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