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Mind Your Own buisness please!
Saturday, February 4, 2012 | 12:58 PM | 0 comments
Hey blogger!

I'm really not in a mood to post positive news bout what i've done lately. I just wanna release my anger toward these 'chatterbox' thats really getting on my nerve. I dunno what the heck she/he wanted from me or expect from me. But they maybe havent got works to be done, so STALKER me is just what they know. I'm really f***ed off with them . And what i act cant accept is that they spreaded rumors bout what i didnt do! Who can accept if what they didnt do was spreaded to people? Aite? So same goes with me. She/he just muddled up stories bout me and spread it to people thats gotta do with me. Isnt that just trying to make truoble with me? Seriusly i didnt expect anything will come out from you. Hey babee! I think u'll better look at yourself before spreading rumors bout me okay? I'm not the kinda cheap person like you okay? Its okayyy, i just wanna wait and see how far you can do these things, if one day because of your blimin' rumors, my love gets beaten by 'him' . The first person i'll look for is you !. Yes YOU ! his damn guilty you know? He doesnt even know a thingg. So, can you just BACK OFF please! I really hate to have stalkers around me FULLSTOP!

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