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Last day with HIM :(
Wednesday, February 8, 2012 | 7:47 AM | 0 comments
hey bloggers!

long time no see aite? haha. i've no mood lately to update these thingy act. today i met my Mr.Right before he leave me alone at jb. :( first, we went karoke at Umall for two hours. he shouted his heads off till i cant stand it and my migrain came. haha. after that we went to city square. we went in PDI to buy a couple shirt. after an hour there, we choose this.

he bought the exact shirt as me. can't wait to wear them together :)

after the shoppings, we went up to level 5 to buy a movie ticket and we watched this 

good that the tickets were cheap on wednesday because seriusly i say that this movie is damn damn BORINGGG. i dont understand a thing bout this movie. dunno if its just me or its really a boringg movie. but i thought the cinema was only filled with 1/4 of it. till people who didnt buy a couple seat changed to the couple seat. can you imagine how much was actually in that wide cinema? haha. here are some of the photos i took with him.

then he offered me to eat but i didnt want to come home late so we took a bus home. what an enjoyable day i had. thanks for everything dear. :)


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