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You've changed :(
Sunday, January 15, 2012 | 12:58 AM | 0 comments
I seriusly dont understand whats going on with him, he seems to aviod himself from me, i dunno why, i dunno what i've done, but he never wanted to tell the truth. Why do you have to keep it to yourself? Who am i ? I no its your own privacy, but do tell me a bit, if you do so, at least i can understand you a bit, but you didnt tell me a bit at all. Okayy fine, if thats your reason, why do you have to be shy to your own girlfriend? Have you just known me for a second? A minute? And so on, have you? No right? So? Whats the problem? I never Reject you or some how. I never did dear, what else that you need to be shy with me anymore? I really dont get it. Or is that just a reason for you to avoid from me ? Or already bored with me? Or what? Tell me dear! Tell me! Can i get back the old you? -as if :(


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