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Second Vacation with HIM :)
Saturday, December 31, 2011 | 4:59 AM | 0 comments
Hey bloggers!

Long time no see aite? hihi. I'm lately busy hanging around with my Mr.Right. #maklumlahh. orang dah nak masuk PLKN lahh katakan tak lama lagi. :( hurm. here we go. i act plan to go pulauTIOMAN with him at the first place, but because of the 'angin monsun thingy' we cancled to go there. so we just went to MELAKA. many things we did there. here are some of the pictures i've taken there. 

in a MELAKA's oldest bus i've ever took. 

walked around melaka at that night. 

hanged for a while at dataran pahlawan.

went swimmingg at waterwolrd. what a great time :)

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