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Berhabuk dahh beloggg aku ni kan?
Sunday, November 6, 2011 | 9:11 AM | 0 comments
Wahhhh. Sekian lama kita tak update awak kankannn? Busyyy lahhh you. Andd mood tak menentu lahhh. Kdgkdg bilacdah bukak tetiba tade mood pulaaa. Haihhh. Mcm org tua dah kita ni kannn? Okayyy. Jom kita start bercerita. Hihi. Cptcpt. Buka telinga besau besau sikit. Heee. :D

First thing, Sejak akhirakhir ni mood nk belajar semakin hari semakin hilanggg taw, so, i made a decision to quit from staying hostel. But then, i applied late, so, i was kicked by the head of students thingy. I just leave it goes on. I've no mood to settle it . Coz i thought its just a small matter. Now, i go to school by car *daddy send me. And get back by bus. :( Its a lil bit tired but what can i do. i was the one who wanted it to be like this, so i deserve it right? Its okay, insyAllah everything will be fine. :) maybe in this way, i can be more focus in my studies as my ^Mr.right^ always gives me strength to study smart and always be the one to remember me to study and all lot. Thanks darl :)

Second thing is, i'm now confuis with my relation, because i've not yet accept anything from anyone but it seems like i'm already taken. I'm afraid to ask about this because was worried if he thought that i was just playing a game on him, not like that dear, i just wanna "kepastian" to avoid from any gossips about us . That i really really hate!

I think thats all for today. I'm sleepy now as everyone is already asleep here. *at my village in pontian. Thanks for ready yeahhh. :)

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