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My Life Story

i'm Over Youuu
Friday, June 3, 2011 | 1:31 PM | 0 comments

Oh okayy! i admit it that i used to ave a feelings towards youu. but i purposely made youu wait, coz i want youu to be series on me. i wanna noe if you're seriesly want me or just to play me around. and now, you've shown the bestest thingg i've ever wanted. thnx a lot. now, you said you've got a new one right? why is it too easy for youu to get a new one? are too desparate or what? i'm not that obses on youu but i'm just a lil bit . . . hurm. i'm speechless now.

s0o, i think i just wanna say that, i'm OVER youu now! i don't need youu anymoreeee. i mean, i don't ave a feeling towards youu anymoreee. i just want us to be friends like we used to be. can we? as if. ! it's all depends on youuu. :)


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