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I really Miss you.
Saturday, April 16, 2011 | 11:01 PM | 0 comments

my post this time will be in rojak coz i'm in a rush to go back to hostel. 

siapakah jejaka tampan ini? 
eh, yang kiri ke yang kanan?
semestynye lahh yang kanan. haha
opss! sorry coz curik gamba kat fb u. 
as i was fb walking , i saw THIS pict above and suddenly terpegun. 
"wahwah! hensemnye mamat neh skrg" (dlm hati berkata)
.haha, mianggnyaa saya kankan? 
alaaa. tapelaa. he used to be mine daa. 
it doesn't matter ryte for me to still ave a feelings on him?
haha. NOT fully. but just a lil bit left. 
i noe its just a waste for me tok mengharapkan dye,
coz i noe it wouldn't happen. 
but its not a thingg if i just miss him ryte? 
hurm. i think its enough for me to talk about him 
coz its just a waste talking about a spilt milk.
s0o, thats all for today. 
wat i want to say act is that i REALLY REALLY miss him.
thats all FULLSTOP!

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