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tear drops :'(
Monday, January 31, 2011 | 10:40 AM | 0 comments
i just can't stop the tears of my eyes. i dunno wat act happen. but it keeps on falling. drops by drops it falls through my chicks. i gotta feeling that something is getting nearer and nearer to me. but i don't want it to happen. its not the time yet for me to go. i've got many new things to learn that i never noe. and many sins to get rid of. and wat makes my tears get more faster is when a person that i really love says this to me.

t if aku maty
first kau cakap ngan mak bapk aku
aku sayang sgt ngan deowang walaupun aku ny terok
second kau cakap ngan awek aku sayangg gile maty kat dia
aku sanggup buad ape je untuk dia
and minx dea teruskan hidup tanpa aku auww
jangan biarkan dia buad yg bukan2
third kau cakap dengan ***
cinta aku kat dia ta pena berhentii
ibarat darah aku mengalir doee
and lastlyy
kau jage diri kau uhh baek baek
aku da anggap kau mcam adik aku sendiry
kite nyy twins secare kasar kalo ko nak tahu
okayy deal ? :):)

what do you feel if you were at my place? sure u'll feel the same thing as me ryte? the thing is now i dunno wats the act point he said that to me. oh real! for sure, i really dun wanna loose him/she. coz he/she's the only one that i really trust. dear Allah, may you bless him/her. do give him/her a chance to live in peace. Amin. :)

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