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i'm sorry dear
Wednesday, June 16, 2010 | 6:58 AM | 0 comments
I've just got back from meeting him. i act didn't plan to meet him. but juz bcoz my fren didn't buy a cinema ticket for me, i asked him to come cs n on that time i was alone n didn't noe where to go. as he reached cs, i brought him to the food court to ave some drink. n then i asked him to walk around cs but he refuse and sulk. then he asked to go home n went straight away heading to the bustop. without looking backwards. i was like "shit! what am i gonna do?" i'm damn weak on persuading boys. soe dear. i'm really weak on it. i've told u before ryte? i just wanna say coz makin' u anoyed. i didn't mean it. honestly.

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