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what do you want boy?
Thursday, January 14, 2010 | 1:24 AM | 4 comments
Today at school i met this guy that we used to like each other, but it ended with NOTHINGG. me n him decided to go on our own path because we realized that our relationship can't go far. hurm. i saw him when i was buying some food at the school canteen. i was like, in the middle of damn bitches rushing like hell to buy their food. huh! what a kiddish. haaa. as i was trying to reach the food, i saw him coming, he wanted to buy some food as well (he brought the same food as me). as i saw his face, my heart started beating like hell. i don't know why the heck i'm feeling like that. maybe because i'm scared to meet him again. and i want to forget all about my feelings towards him. i really really want to forget about the past. the past is past. now, my vision is to open a new book, and build a new life. :) it's enough, you've broken my heart, you've lied to me, you've pretending to love me even though u know u still love your ex-girlfriend. but why is it me that you have to hurt? why boy? i'm sick of all your drama. so, i think you don't have to keep on doing a missedcall at me nearly everyday.it's damn anoying me. is it just because you want to propose me for the second time? huh! if that's the motive, sorry dear, i'm over you. i can't accept you anymore. i can't bare to hurt again. i'm tired of all this things, i'm so sorry. :(


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