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A very happy day :)
Wednesday, December 30, 2009 | 9:12 AM | 0 comments

hye u guys! i just got back from a day hangging around Johor Bahru. wow! its was damn fun! but there was a lil prob in the first p
lace. Just because of my brother that always ruined my plan, my fren had to wait for me lyke 3 hours walking around City Square alone. poor him. My sys's fren saved the day, by willing to pick me n sys sya at home. thnx sys sakinah for the free transport. hee :D. yeahhh. n thnx to sys sya t0o coz letting me borrow ur money. dun worry, tomorrow i'll be sure u'll get the money back . :) i really ejoyed the day. i hanged out wif MR.N. he seem to be boringg at the first place coz we don't noe where to go. he didn't wanna watch movie. dunno y. but i dun really care coz it saved my money. hoyeahhh. :) s0o, all we did is hangging around cs n kotaraya.

it was damn fun hangging around wif him even though we didn't do much things. he was tired because slept late last nyte. haha sape suruh, pastuh tyme jmpe na ngantuk2, aku sepak kao ang! (kejam meyh). haha. i can't foget the tyme MR.N ran away from my sys coz was afraid that she'll tell him off. haha. dun worry lahh dear. she's not how u thought she was. she sporting (layan pale punye) :P . haha. i can't stop laughing at that tyme. it was damn funny seeing u walking around lyke crazy trying to hide ur self from her. she saw u gak at the last place. wekwek:P

After hangging at cs, we went to Danga Bay. but i didn't bring MR.N along. coz if i ajak him, i'll be sure he doesn't want to. huh! a shy lil boy. haha. sorry darl *_^. at Danga i met irfan n eyqa. (sedang hangat bercintan cantun) haha. :))

i juz stayed danga for a while coz my sys juz wanna but some shirt. soe coz can't hang wif u guys. i had to go back early coz my dad asked my sys out to buy a bag for her to go back perak tomorrow. nvm, next tyme we hangg together again kayhh. :)


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