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My Life Story

Thursday, December 24, 2009 | 11:42 PM | 0 comments

yeahhh. she gets wat she want, but i don't . i'm always the one to be left out. yeahh. i noe i am idiot, i'm not as clever as u guys , but i've done my best to improve my self. n thats wat i've done. thats all i can do. yeahhh. i am a dumbo! thats me! but is this wat i've to get from all my hardness? u all don't noe wat ave i gone through my lyfe. all u guy noe is to bebel2, cakap aku ta usaha lahh, apelahhh. u guys don't noe how hard i've tried to get A's in my examination. hey beb! my result turns out lyke dis all because of u! i've been thinking about u day n nite, the way to get u out of this idiot's that ave ruined ur lyfe. people that tak berperkemanusiaan . n i've tried to change u, but u're too degil. all u noe is to ave fun, n enjoy urself. is that all u think ha? up to u lahh. i'm tired of all this things! its oke. next year i'll get lost from home lahh. u guys don't lyke me stay at home ryte? hurm. yeahh. next year i'll be sure that i'll stay hostel . and maybe i'll be back home once a mounth. :) i noe i'm juz a lazy gurl that don't do s0o much work. i didn't do it coz i can't do it! i'm not strong anymore lyke i used to be when i was a child. i don't noe y. i've asked mummy to get me to the doctor but till now, she didn't even bring me to the doctor. maybe she doesn't even care about my health. yeaahh. wateva lahhh. up to u guys lahh wat u want to do wif me. but series i say, if u guys don't lyke me, just spilt it. i can get lost from that house. i can juz live alone. i can take a job by my self. thats it i think i can say. i can't stand it anymore. my tears can't stop dropping. i wanna ave a lil rest. tata~~~

SAD :(

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