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My Life Story

A's befday.
Tuesday, November 3, 2009 | 10:46 AM | 0 comments
The story starts lyke diz. aftern0on taty i went out with A. we went city square together. as we reached there, we went to level 5 to look at wat movie were the best to watch. hehe. there were quite a lot of movies that was to be shown 0n that day, but we chose^papadom^. furthermore, i wanted to watch it since it was shown. at last. i get to watch it. yepyy!

after dat, he offered me to go for a luch. he
offered me lyke it was his treat. but i was act the one who paid (of coz laa, juz becoz it was his befday). =D at around 2.20 his member arrived. we hang with them at the smoking area. (i was breathing lyke hell coz of the smoke) i act can't smell of smoke coz i'll ave a head ache. but at that tyme i can't do anything coz he said he can't live without smoking. okey. i understand. i noe it's hard for a smoker to stop smoking.

okeoke. thats it about smoking. we carry on with the story k. as i was hanging out wif them, my friend msj me, she siad she already arrived. s0o, i went to her. she was wif her sk0ol mate. i juz met her a few minutes coz the movie
was nearly starting. after watchin' the funny movie, we went to the smokin' area again coz his friend can't stand the coolness in the cinema. haha!

later on, kedop (A's friend) ajak pegi kaoke . we pon onn jea ah. hehe. we looked at the kaoke box, it was all full. then i decided to ajak them to Angsana. s0o, there we go. ayie n kedop went wif a motorcycle. but me n A went by bus. in the bus, A asked to put the present that i gave him beside my chair. we talk n talk n laugh n laugh enjoying our day together n went off the bus. we went straight to suara o.k. we payed for 5 songs. in the kaoke box ayie wanted to borrow A's fone coz A got a free call today, juz then baru he remember that he avent got a kredit. i offered him for a tpup. as he tpup his fone kredit, i then remembered bout the present bag, i asked him where did he put the bag. then he said it was at me. then i terus ketuk kepale and ran. the plastic bag was left in the bus. OMG i was lyke goin to cry. it was all my fault. =( . i brought it ages ago n couldn't wait to see him wear it in front of me. at last, it got lost. i terus tade m0od mahu nyanyi . payed 5 song for another box. i left ayie n kedop to enjoy the 5 songs at the other box. i thought i wanna ave a tyme alone for a minute, but A came to me to c0ol me down. he joined singing wif me.

after the sadness, i decided to go home. we waited for the bus at the jejantas angsana. as we were waitting for the bus, my sys(sara demokk) called. she ask me to go back in angsana coz after maghrib my dad wanna hantar to her friend's house, s0o, he'll pick me up there. s0o, me n him went back in. i offered to buy anything he want less than RM30 coz that was juz i ave left. we round n round angsana searching wat to buy, lastly i bought him a mcFlurry. we ate together. suap menyuap. hehe.

at 8:45 my sys(sara demokk) called me again to say that she's at the front of the hasil building. me n him walked there n went home.

here some of the pics that we captured together.

ily. <3

he lykes making funny faces.

u musyux!


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